Baby Kulture Handknits


How I started


I have been hand-knitting for about 60 years! Started when my Mum taught me when I was a young girl and haven't stopped since! Since then I have knitted for children, grand children, craft markets and fetes as well as up-market shops in Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, Canada, Dubai and here  in New Zealand. Recently I have knitted for actors and actresses in productions for a major NZ theatre company.

I use top quality Merino wool and also  Organic Merino wool for all my garments.

Above is our out door market stall we use for outside locations. On the right is a photo taken at the latest indoor market we attended (The 2017 Encraftment Bambino Market) 

We go to about 3 craft markets per year so in between times I have started this website which I hope will give customers a chance to purchase top quality hand-knits which make a special gift for family and friends

I have hand-knitted the Merino or Organic Wool garments in traditional and modern designs and colours. These garments will keep your child warm and cosy - I can also knit to your own pattern or style - I look forward to hearing from you.


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